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Does cannabis make you stupid: Smoking marijuana doesn’t make you stupid, concludes a study in the present Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, contrary to other research that linked getting stoned to diminished cognitive function in adolescents. How the growing brain impacts research, goes back decades. Most studies have compared bud users to non users at a single stage, and so cannot assess how brain function over the years alters; any observed differences might have always existed, dope or not.

A 2012 study from the Duke University has led us to believe, in part at least, that smoking marijuana can be damaging to the wisdom of young people. This really is particularly prevalent during adolescent development, i.e., during the teen years and into early maturity, with the study concluding that marijuana use contributes to:

The study didn’t take into account other environmental factors, does weed kill brain cells which have been shown to have a bigger impact on both marijuana use, and a decline in the brains of young people.

A big study was conducted on UK teens to warrant the question does grass make you dense. One of the study‚Äôs writers said that the idea that cannabis use itself is casually related to lower poorer educational functionality and IQ wasn’t supported in this big teenage sample. The team came to their own findings after following 2235 teens for seven years. The teenagers who participated had their IQs initially tested at the age of 8 and at 15.

So, if bud doesn’t lead to IQ decline, what does? One response may come in the form of a combination variables such as socioeconomic status, mental illness, alcohol, hard drugs and other influences touched on by bud studies. Rather than decrease IQ, cannabis use for many folks helps them extend their mental and physical muscles. So, you already have the answer to the question does weed make you stupid.

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